We have just updated our tool to make it compatible with Google's PR changes. Please update before running full reports, thank you!

Link Diagnosis FAQ

Questions on Running Reports:

Page Rank (PR) isn't appearing on the site?
Make sure that you have the PR setting selected to ON. If the PR setting is set to “off” Page Rank will not appear. Keep in mind that Google doesn’t always display PageRank. Remember too that running reports back to back also gets you temporarily blocked from Google’s PageRank service. If you have frequent problems with this aspect of the report please contact us at anytime and we will evaluate the situation.
Can I run a report for just a single page?
You can use the “site settings” dropdown to run a report using a “single page” or the “main site”. Both versions of the report will be different and running single page is a great way to get detailed information about one page.
What is Pages Indexed?
This information displays the amount of pages that have been indexed by a particular site. You have the ability to change this setting search one page or the entire site.
What is Most Popular Anchors?
This information displays the top anchors that are being used for the site.
I can only see reports on the report page?
The Reports on the report page only shows the 3 most recent reports. Select the option that states "view all reports" to access all of your reports.
Why does it take so long?
When Link Diagnosis runs a report it is searching the net to check all of the back links for a specific URL. If a site has a lot of backlinks, the report will take longer than if it only has a few. Try using the option to run the report set to "fast" or "fastest."
How do I run multiple reports?
At this time Link Diagnosis is set up to only run 1 report at a time, but new in the update is the ability to queue up to 10 reports so it runs one after the other. Simply click on continue browsing on the progress window and run a report from our home page again. We still aren’t able to offer simultaneous reports due to limitations on service providers and user hardware. We are constantly strategizing on how to improve our service and offer multiple reports at once to our users.
What is the Charts information button?
The charts are an illustration of link type and the page distribution of links. The two charts will give you a quick review of the quality of a site that you are using to run a report.
Where is the Classic Link Diagnosis?
Since we understand that not everyone has updated Flash and has time to install a new Link Diagnosis download you can keep on using Link Diagnosis Classic to run reports. We even make sure to keep it up during our downtimes!
What does -1 and -2 mean?
-1 means that the Page Rank was not available for the site. -2 mean’s that your computer has been temporarily blocked. You can get your computer blocked by running too many reports set to fastest.
What do I do if PageRank gets blocked?
If your computer gets blocked then the best way to get unblocked is to wait approximately thirty minutes up to an hour.
How is Link Strength calculated?
We use this formula to calculate for Link Strength:
Strength = (PR + 1)3 x 4 / outbound links
How is MOBL(Modified OutBound Link) calculated?
We calculate for MOBL by applying a basic Log(x) + 1 on the count of all the backlinks of each unique domain.

Report Page Questions:

What does the export feature do?
Just like in the Classic Link Diagnosis site you can export a report to a csv file. If you only want a certain amount of links exported you can now select them and use the “export selected to csv” option.
How can I just sort the main report?
If you select the top of a column header you can now sort the information by each individual column.
I'm getting a script taking too long/unresponsive script warning, what should I do?
Sometimes, depending on your machine's specifications and the size of your report, our algorithms may take more than a few seconds to relinquish CPU time on your computer. We are constantly trying to make it more efficient but we can't account for all scenarios. Whenever this happens, we ask you to NOT stop/cancel/interrupt the process. Please allow it to continue. In rare instances, you might be warned a multiple times for a single report; whilst that is not normal, that is known to happen with older generation computers and bigger report sets.
What does the Share button do?
The share button which you will find in the top right corner of the report page provides you a link where you or someone else can access the report you just ran. It provides the receiver with the most basic access level. Learn more about acces levels in this section.
The report area says it is saving my report but I didn't do anything, what's happening?
All reports automatically get saved to our servers regardless if you're an account holder or not. We save it in a compressed format that allows it to be readily downloaded and opened up by our FireFox right away. We do this to allow for the share functionalities and reloading of already ran reports from the extension manager. The format we store it in is not readily searchable and doesn't tag which user saved it so we appreciate it if you don't file tickets asking for reports you ran which has a certain site backlinking to it because we can't do that without knocking out the service for more than a day.

Account Questions:

I don't remember my password
We have added a "forgot your password" feature. Please select the password reminder option and your password will be sent to your email.
Why should I create an account?
Your account is designed to help you manage your backlink reports. This new added feature will enable the following: track your backlink portfolio in seconds, look into your competitors backlinks, and save reports.
Why do I need to create an account?
Yes it's true that on the old Link Diagnosis site you didn't have to create accounts to run reports. This is STILL true, in order to run reports you don't need to create an account. In order to save a report and have access to all of Link Diagnosis's new features you will need an account.
Why should I create an account when there is the extension manager?
The extension manager's purpose is to manage the reports you run in the current FireFox session. That means when you close down FireFox, there is no way for you to retrieve all the unsaved reports you ran. Furthermore, the extension manager doesn't let you share reports in any way.
What is sharing?
Sharing reports is a new feature we added in our latest revision. This allows you to share reports on three different access levels. The first level lets you share the specific report you ran and that is available for use by anyone even for non-account holders. The second level allows you to always share the latest report of a saved report entry, this way you don't always have to keep sending them a new link everytime you run a report! The third and highest level lets you always share the latest report but at the same time give it "enhanced" access which means the receiver also gets all the functionalities you enjoy in the enhanced interface, hence the receiver needs to have our FireFox extension installed for it to run whereas the other two lower levels doesn't.
Sounds good but how do I control sharing?
The first level offers no control, since its also accessible by non-account holders. Some measure of control is added in the two higher levels. To stop sharing, simply delete the saved report. Or if you know when you gave the receiver access, you can simply delete that particular report you ran that time from the Archived reports pages and that will also kill your receiver's access. The information gathered by our tools is free information readily available from the internet.
I ran a report but I'm not logged in?
If you run a report and aren't logged in don't worry. If you go to save that specific report it will request your login and save it to your account.
Why are my projects empty I have a saved report?
If you have a saved report but no projects created to apply links to a project, first add a project using the orange button that states "add a new project" at the bottom right of the my projects page.
This site won't work in IE or Safari?
Link Diagnosis is a tool designed for Firefox. If you are using IE or Safari you can download a copy of Firefox at www.mozilla.com. Fire Fox is a free browser and is 100% compatible with Link Diagnosis.